Phone / Cable / Internet bills


Do you really need a land line these days? I think the answer is no. Get rid of your land line. We got rid of pay phones long ago. Before you do this make sure you can dial 911 on your cell phone.

Shop around for your cell phone plan. These days you can get a phone plan with data,and text for $35 dollars a line that will meet your needs. Cell plans can vary quite a bit. It is really easy to pay too much for cellular service.

Also, do you really need to spend $1000 for a phone. My $100 Samsung works just fine.

I grew up in an era when phones had ring dialers. When push buttons came out... oooh, so high tech. I remember the first cell phones that came out in the 1980's. They were called bricks. If you ever saw one you would immediately know why. Yet I digress.

As I write this I know that we are paying way too much for our cell service. We believe, given our utlization that we can cut our bill in half and not have to scale back on our consumption. If you are older you might not realize that you can actually stream your cell phone to your TV. If you have an unlimited data plan you can stream video, and music, and even television. If you can do this and find the streaming to be reliable the next question would be... Do I even need cable?

Cable / Internet Bill

If you are a cable person consider bundling your cable, internet, and phone service. You can consolidate to a single bill and save 20%. I personally think the time of bundling has come and gone. Many are cutting the cable cord all together. I know many millenials that do not have cable.

Do you even need cable? If you do not mind being a season behind you can sign up for Netflix for a fraction of the cost of cable. You can get news and current events from the internet. If you are a sports fan you either need cable or a service that will stream sports to your smart phone.

This is a hard area to provide advice on as it is so generational. It is also tied to how we consume media and entertainment. Be frugal and shop for the best deals you can get. Do what you can afford. Cut services that you find yourself not using.