Your Money - Not Getting Scammed

Keeping hold of your money from con artists will dramtically be reduced if you follow these general tips.

If you are at all unsure you need to challenge whomever is asking. If you want more information on this subject navigate to Privacy Right Org

If it is someone claiming to be from your credit card company decline to speak with them. After hanging up make a call to you credit card companies service department and look into if they were really trying to contact you. Do not give your credit card number to anyone via email, or over the phone, even if they claim they are from a company you actually do business with. This type of information is not all that hard to come by.

It just is not all that hard to send emails and make them look like they are coming from a legitimate source. If you think the request may be legitimate pick up the phone and call the business directly. Scammers go to elaborate means to set up these scams. Do not become a victim. Also, by not clicking on links in un-asked for email you will be less likely to get a virus or have spyware placed on your computer.

There are many smooth operators out there ready to take advantage of you. They have great patience and will groom you in order to earn your trust. They can look as innocent as your Grandmother. Make no mistake about it, these people are out to screw you. Their patience will end when they realize they will not be getting a dime from you.

A few general tips to keep your money safe from scumbags

Be safe. If it smells like a scam it probably is. Someone that you do not know that is trying to help you or give you money but first needs you to give them something in return is going to screw you over. Count on it!