Choosing a Credit Card

This page is for those out there that have not or are not prone to racking up big balances on your credit card. It is also for those of you that have good credit and a credit card balance of $5000.00 or less that are looking to payoff your balance.


There are so many credit cards out there. Most of us just get one and this is what we use. Yet with a little homework you can actually get a card that is more appropriate for your needs and lifestyle.

Credit Card Do's and Dont's for folks that Payoff Their Monthly Balance

Low Interest Rate Cards

The days of easy credit are hopefully behind us (not!). If you have good credit and carry credit card balances you may want to Google "low credit card rates" to see if you can find a deal. Do not go for deals that offer a low interest rate for an initial time period. Such type of deals usually jack up the rate to a crazy percentage. You can also call your credit card company and try to get a lower rate. Keep in mind that getting a new credit card or changing credit card companies could lower your FICO score temporarily.

Credit Cards that Pay Cash Back

As a consumer making purchases on your card offers you an added degree of protection for your purchases. If you are very disciplined with your money and do not carry credit card debt you may want to consider a credit card that pays you back cash. There are a number of cards that will pay you back as much as 3% for gas and grocery purchases and 1% for all other purchases. This can translate into a lot of money in a year.