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There is not an familiy or individual who could not benefit from keeping a budget and managing their money. Every dollar matters. A Budget is the path to becoming debt free.

Managing your personal finances does not need to take a lot of time. We have robust and easy to use excel spreadsheets that you will use to manage your income and spending. Most of our personal finance spreadsheets are free!

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Our Debt Free Story Can Be Your Story

Thirty years ago we were in debt up to our ears. We had no idea where or how we were spending our money. We started to budget. This allowed us to free up some money that we started to put towards our credit card debt. In about three years we were able to elimnate our credit card debt.

Fast forward to today. I am five years from retiring. My wife and best friend retired last year. We still have no debt of any kind. No credit card debt. We do not have any car payments or loans. We invest and save 25% of our income. We give between 10 to 15% of our gross income to charity each year. We paid off our mortgage in 2013.

Yes, we are frugal people. We certainly are not misers and cheapskates. How did we do it. We looked at out personal finances and budget as a lifelong pursuit. If we did this you can to. We are just regular working class people like you.

Debt free living rocks. We have been doing it for years and it still is a wonderful feeling.

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